It’s one thing to lose those impossibly lofty and consistent levels of joy and abandon that you had in your childhood. 

But in my last year in London I saw way too much outright apathy and even misery among its adult citizens.

I’m not talking about the misery of the man living in the gutter with nothing but a dirty blanket for protection. Indeed, much of the time, the homeless were among the more chipper people that I encountered. 

No, the misery that I witnessed was largely shared among people who were well-heeled, handsomely-fed and with a secure roof over their heads.

The average westerner has more than most in material terms. But, in the cut and thrust of city living, some have ostensibly forgotten how to appreciate what they do have. 

In my experience the wealthiest people aren’t always the happiest people – far from it – so why is everyone so obsessed with and driven by money?

In an increrasingly materialistic world I think that many have been fooled into thinking that a bigger car or a house with more bedrooms is the best route to happiness. For some it is. But for so many others it’s a hollow target which increases their debt, doesn’t bring the happiness that they had hoped for or simply generates a new desire for some other expensive materials in order to keep up with The Joneses. 

Just as alarmingly, some friends of mine were unhappy without any particular reason. It all leads me to wonder whether, in times of such relative abundance in the western world, we have lost our appreciation of the most important things – that minds have been skewed into believing that material wealth necessarily brings emotional wealth, health and wellbeing.

In my reality all we need is food, health, shelter and clothing (sometimes).  Beyond that, happiness is largely free if you are prepared to go and grab it. 

Our goal at The Natural High is to raise the average level of happiness in the world. To offer regular reminders and new tips on how to be happy by speaking to promiment, humble, inspiring, contented, interesting and visionary people about success, harmony and happiness.

We will interview philanthropists, pioneers, gurus, entrepreneurs, fitness coaches, yogis, politicians, hippies and celebrities – anyone who we believe can make you and me happier by recounting their experiences and lessons in life.  

Through the advice and inspiration of carefully curated interviewees we want to educate people in new ways to be happy and to appreciate the best things in life – like amazing new experiences, pain-free existence and detachment from bad habits, material addictions and desires. We also aim to help you find new pursuits and interests that can bring you to the boil in terms of happiness and fulfilment, even things which may be less quantifiable by science but seem to work the world over.

We aren’t motivational gurus and we aren’t drill sergeants. 
We aren’t going to force you to do some kind of boot camp to improve yourself. 
We aren’t here to tell you what to do. 
We aren’t ripped personal trainers with ridiculously masculine voices who are depressing to look at. 

We are fallible human beings who have simply decided to open ourselves up to and pursue happiness in all its forms as our life goal. 

We are travelling the world to continually add to a catalogue of things that make us happy. Things that make us appreciate life more and realise that money and happiness are entirely different things. Indeed, in many ways, money is a major source of unhappiness. For every miserable millionaire out there I will show a joyful man with no money in his pot but plenty to appreciate.

I lead a simple life which isn’t dictated to by money. I work for myself and I have as good a standard of living as anyone I know. That comes from the appreciation of experiencing things at first hand – the great outdoors, health, good food, relationships, travel, philosophies on happiness, great writing, music, film, art, natural highs and cultural idiosyncrasies. 

Living well means living happy. We all have a great capacity for happiness but all of us could be happier. Whether miserable or joyous we strongly believe we have something to offer you as an individual.  

The Natural High will make suggestions in an attempt to help you to fill your life with happy things and, in so doing, push any unhappiness or disharmony to the peripheries – to overwhelm the unhealthy practices by discovering healthy new ones.

The Natural High aims to replace the artificial highs in your life with feelings of genuine, lasting and unbridled joy which doesn’t have a negative impact on your health or a nasty come down. 

I’m not going to tell you not to drink or party. Far from it. I simply want to continually discover new things which might improve our happiness levels on a daily basis. To create a compendium of joy from which each of you can pick and choose at will. Simply sign up for free and we will do the rest. 

Welcome To The Natural High