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In creating over 6000 pieces of content I have written across a broad range of subjects and with tones ranging from light-hearted and irreverent to sincere and business-like. I have created and managed three WordPress websites from scratch and generated over 100m page views.

I’ve also made many podcasts about health, politics, philosophy, sport and have a profound passion for video content.

I’m adaptable, passionate and meticulous. I research my subjects thoroughly and have a true love of authenticity and originality.




A feast for the senses: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona basks in culture and possesses an embarrassment of riches for all tastes and budgets.

Why go?

The wonderfully stubborn stronghold of Barcelona is a treasure trove that will sate your senses like few other European destinations. It may be located on the coastal periphery of Catalonia but, to those familiar with the city, it represents the throbbing heart of this autonomous region of northeastern Spain.

Whatever your motivation for travel this spectacular bastion of independence is likely to leave a lasting impression. Because Barcelona is blessed with buildings, art, culture, geography, colours, tastes and smells which seldom cease to excite and invigorate. If Gaudí fails to leave you giddy, the magic fountain of Montjuïc doesn’t have you gushing and FC Barcelona’s sensational stadium is nothing Nou, then Picasso’s art and the tree-lined parks will have you pining for one of the exquisite eateries which abound in this liberal and vibrant community.

Barcelona is a loving marriage between the old and the new. Ancient buildings rub grand shoulders with modern hubs and this slightly curious design only adds to the ambience and charm of a city whose inhabitants seem genuinely proud to call this home.

I created the popular website and podcast, The Natural High


At school I played football most lunchtimes and was the Machiavellian captain of my tennis team (oh how I could brood for days over a painful and thoroughly undeserved defeat to some quick and tireless little shit, two years my junior, who would limply pad the ball back from all angles and hope for unforced errors amidst my supreme arsenal of daring, elegant and blistering strokes).

Alas, armed as I was with little more than the unchanneled hyperactivity of my mother and my father’s vast mental library of entertaining if poorly-referenced facts and misinformation, I was neither natured or nurtured for greatness on the fields of play, with my puppet legs and physics-confounding dearth of power. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved sport as a youth.

And even though such activity had been completely lost to me in my adult years I still had this notion, at once tenuous and bizarre, that I was sporty based on these dusty, fading memories and my unflinching loyalty to watching football on TV. I was a quite brilliant armchair critic but rarely indulged in any serious physical exertion. In short, I was living in a fucking dream world.

The Occasional Drunk – Master Alcohol and Transform Your Life



Whatever you think about the tactics of Louis van Gaal, or his ability to take Manchester United back to the top of the European game, it’s difficult not to be endeared to his style as a human being.

The tabloids were awash on Sunday with tales about Stoke defender Phil Bardsley’s ‘knockout punch’ on Wayne Rooney, a video of which surfaced at the weekend.

It was initially being hailed as the scoop of the century – the England captain playing Russian Roulette with his football career because of a mindless penchant for boxing.

But, in truth, this was a storm in a tea cup – a vastly exaggerated version of what amounted to two mates messing about in private. And Louis van Gaal looked quietly disgusted by questions about the incident.


I also created SOCCERSWEEP.COM which generated 70m page views before I sold it in 2016.


Battered from back to back festivals working for a global drinks company, I promised myself I would get away from the mid-tempo mosh pit that was my dance tent, for this specific hour of the Reading Festival. Time is lost and plans invariably go to waste in such a vocation.

But no amount of sleep deprivation or fatigue-fuelled folly was going to take this hour away because I really had to see Maximo Park. As line ups go, Reading was pretty good. Any festival that boasts royalty from Leon will do for me, but Maximo Park were the Kings of Reading this time out.

I hammered the album, `A Certain Trigger’, on a jaunt to Ibiza and loved it, partially because everyone else seemed to scoff. But we all decide at some stage we like a band so much that we are prepared to do endless hours of free verbal promotion for them. My `voluntary free verbal promotion selection’ of 2006 was Maximo Park.


When I met Tom Findlay of Groove Armada at a Café in W1 earlier this week, it was hard to imagine that a man with such a healthy and young appearance could have been caught up in such a cut-throat industry for a decade. He’s the sort of chilled out geezer who would fit seamlessly into your own set of mates, with a relaxed and genuinely friendly demeanour. But somehow it’s true. The interminably likeable Groove Armada is 10 years old.

To celebrate this fairly unusual achievement, Groove Armada are releasing not one, but two albums – another ‘Best Of’ and ‘GA10’ which puts a new flex on old tunes and also includes, as yet, unreleased material. With this news, the more paranoid fans amongst us might be forgiven for thinking that this is the beginning of the end for the band.



10 things to consider when choosing your next car

With the range of cars on offer in today’s market it can be incredibly difficult to decide on the right one for you. Here are ten elements to look out for that might make your job easier.

Fuel Consumption

The cost of buying a car might be relatively low but have you considered fuel consumption, post-purchase? The real cost of the car is long-term. If you want the lowest cost option in this respect there is only one solution – a hybrid car. They use much less petrol than normal cars.


Another cost which you may not consider is the road tax associated with the car. Again, you can avoid this altogether with low emission cars. Looking around the market, Honda is currently offering some genuinely competitive deals on their hybrids.

Carbon footprint

How eco-friendly is the car that you are purchasing? Again, the hybrid comes up trumps in this category. As we become more conscious of green politics it seems that an increasing number of new car buyers are opting for low emission cars. This means you can drive with less guilt about your negative impact on the planet!

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